How to score good marks in English


After completing my studies in English from two public universities I have made some notes to myself on how to improve and achieve better scores.

Read - Research - Read

The best and most effective way to score well in English is to read the primary text. The funny fact is that most often students ignore the primary texts and go into secondary materials starting from with google searches to the rest. Even if you have not gone through the secondary materials you must need to know the primary text.

Everything that you learn at school or college will depend on this. Questions will be based on the primary text. Therefore, if you are well versed in the primary text you will not have much trouble answering a question from the text.

So step one is to read the primary text.

The second step is to do your research and go beyond the text. The finest and easiest way to impress your examiner is to offer some insights taken from scholarly papers. It highlights your research ability and interest in the subject for the examiner.

Shows three steps to get good marks in ICSE English
3 Steps to Score well in ICSE English

So why not do your research. Go to your library. Go through the pain of finding the right book while you meet and get carried away by other books. It is an experience to cherish. Sit down to read and read again !!

Good luck with your exams!