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ICSE holds one of the most challenging and exciting syllabus for English in India. Let us unravel them in style and ease with Aneetta Class notes and aids. We are dedicated to bringing out the finest for you.


Class Seven

Class 7 has an interesting line-up of chapters that will surely intrigue the students. We have curated the chapters and made it easy for young learners.


Class Eight

Did you know that class 8 has the most interesting poems and prose? All you ever need to know about any chapter from class 8, ICSE, is available here...Dive in..!


Class Nine

Did you know that class 9 demands more analysis of the chapter? Yes, as you are soon going to appear for the board exams, English literature demands better understanding of the primary text, you need to look beyond the written words.

Coming Soon

We are diligently working towards other ICSE classes. Soon we will be extending our support and guidance to the classes 10.