Exercise 3 Argumentative Essay


Should Social Media use be restricted for Minors?


Stance: In favour of restricting social media use among minors.

Nowadays wherever one goes, you can spot children and minors glued to the mobile screen. This has indeed become a major nuisance. Whether you are walking on the street, travelling in public transport or generally shopping in the market, you can see small children sitting and viewing reels, videos and other social media content. Therefore, there should be a regulation on social media usage for minors.

There are many research studies and facts to prove that unrestricted social media usage is indeed affecting minors. According to the Cleveland Health clinic, negative effects of social media on children include anxiety, depression, body image issues and poor sleep patterns. A national survey conducted in India revealed that unregulated social media use can lead to poor mental health in kids. The survey revealed that children have complained of health problems like back ache, and headache due to excessive screen time.

According to psychiatrist Harish Shetty, more than 40 percent of children in the general population are addicted to gaming and mobile phones. Also, it is harmful for minors due to inappropriate content. Predators can target young children on social media. Young children are still innocent hence they can be lured by anti-social elements for personal or monetary benefit. There have been instances of children self-harming themselves too.

There are many dangerous trends on social media asking users to perform unsafe actions. Also body image is an issue. Young girls and boys who excessively use social media can develop body image and confidence issues. Unrestricted social media usage among minors can lead to poor eating habits and obesity.

Contrastingly, those who are in favour of this habit say that nowadays parents are working full-time and children including minors demand attention from parents. Handing them the mobile phone is indeed an easy way for children to pass time, they say. It keeps them busy and they don’t disturb the parents. This argument is absolutely baseless. In order to keep children occupied, parents should come up with new, interesting and creative ways. Meditation, yoga and having a pet can boost happy hormones in kids. Drawing, painting, reading books, and spending time with friends can also improve the mood of the kids.

According to the national survey conducted in India, children are rarely happier even after putting down the phone. In fact, they can become more irritable or aggressive. Parents too should spend quality time with kids. Even if kids want to view social media, its use should be limited and they should only use appropriate websites. Kids should learn the value of time and avoid endlessly scrolling the internet. They should develop other good habits and morals. Children can be motivated to spend their free time protecting the environment. They can plant trees and do their role in helping to nurture the environment and surroundings. Thus, the logic that there is no other alternative for parents is incorrect. Children should be able to channelize their time and energy in a positive manner.

I would like to restate my thesis statement that social media usage should be restricted for minors. It is harmful for both mental and physical health. We as a society should carefully analyse where we are heading. Nowadays it’s not just the children. Adults too are to be blamed. They should set the right example at home. They should perform their duties properly and encourage kids to do the same.

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