Essay Writing for ICSE Students

Practice essay writing with specially curated exercises from Aneetta Class. The practice questions are based on the ICSE exam pattern.

Exercise 1 - Descriptive Essay

Compose a concise descriptive essay on a city metro ride. Highlighting the following aspects of the journey: energetic station, approaching train's rhythmic sound, diverse passengers, vibrant advertisements, and the sensory journey inside. Also, reflect on the anonymity and connectivity experienced by commuters.

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Exercise 2 - Narrative Essay

Write about a memorable experience that taught you an important life lesson. What happened, and how did it impact you?

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Exercise 3 - Argumentative Essay

Should Social Media use be restricted for Minors?

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Exercise 4 - Descriptive Essay

Summers are becoming hotter with each passing year. Write a description of one such very hot day. What did you see and hear as you walked outside? How were the birds and animals affected?

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Exercise 4 - Argumentative Essay

“School days are the happiest days of our lives.” Express your views either for or against this statement.

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