Exercise 4 Argumentative Essay


“School days are the happiest days of our lives.” Express your views either for or against this statement.


Stance:Yes, I agree. A child leads a stress-free life

Life has become a rat-race. Despite the ever increasing competitiveness among schools and school students to produce toppers and get high marks, school life is still enjoyable and memorable. A good student is one who not only studies well but also has good manners and a wholesome personality. A mindful school will encourage children to pursue extra-curricular activities and focus on individual growth. Thereby making the school a second home.

Childhood is the time to enjoy and be happy. Positivity of mind determines whether school days are the best or not. School is not just a time to memorise and learn by rote. Applying your learnings in your daily life is necessary. Hence, education is a treasure.

Yes, there are days when a child is naughty or they are punished. They fall while playing and they are scolded by their parents and teachers. Sometimes they are unable to score well and they even fail in the exam. Yet despite everything, they do not get discouraged. Children try again and again till they succeed.

I believe that school life enables one to be creative. There is drawing, painting and various other subjects of interest. One learns to conduct experiments in the laboratory. Children participate in various competitions. Sports, music, dance etc all contribute to the holistic and creative development in students.

School life teaches us the value of time. School students follow a daily schedule. They do their work smartly. They do not see the world like adults. Hence, they are a joy and blessing to everyone around them. They are an example for adults also. Adults have a lot to learn from school students.

Going to school is important for the development of the brain. Children remain active. They learn skills necessary for their future. Personality development also takes place during this age. School is a place where children can meet other people their age. Therefore, school days are indeed a joyful period and school children are very precious.

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