Exercise 4 Descriptive Essay


Summers are becoming hotter with each passing year. Write a description of one such very hot day. What did you see and hear as you walked outside? How were the birds and animals affected?


It was an ordinary morning in the month of May. When I woke up, the weather didn’t seem too bad. My friend Angela called me up early in the morning and invited me to her home.

I decided that I wanted to make some purchases before going to her house, so I left my home at ten in the morning. The sun was shining very bright and the heat was sweltering. All around me I could see people rushing to go to the office or running errands. The people were all sweating profusely. There were many people complaining about the summer.

When I looked around I could see the birds and animals searching desperately for a source of water. Since there were no lakes or rivers anywhere, some kind people from housing societies poured water in a bowl for the birds to drink. The pigeons took shade in the balconies while the dogs and cats too were lying down under the cars for some shade. Many people continued their chores and the poor people who could not afford cars or air conditioners bore the heat by walking in the sun.

After finishing my errands, I was thankful to get a rickshaw. As I was going towards my destination, I could see the disparity among people. Some suffered in the sun without respite and those who could afford stayed indoors in air conditioned houses. I finally reached my friend Angela’s house.

When I reached her house, I could see that she too was feeling very hot despite being indoors. I asked for a glass of water. We spoke at length about global warming and climate change. Her mother and father who were also at home sat down with us and joined the conversation. They said that when they were young, there were more trees and cities were not concrete jungles. They lamented that the greenery was reducing over the years all over the world. Angela and I spoke about forest fires and how people are exploiting the Earth’s resources which leads to environmental destruction. Soon, the clock struck four and I returned home after meeting Angela.

Pro Tips

  • Give a detailed account of all that you see and hear
  • Be creative and express yourself vividly and clearly.

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