Exercise 2 Narrative Essay


Write about a memorable experience that taught you an important life lesson. What happened, and how did it impact you?


A Lesson in Friendship

It was a bright and sunny day during my summer break before entering 8th grade. My best friend, Sam, and I had planned a day of adventure at the amusement park. Little did I know that this day would become an important moment in my life, teaching me a vital lesson about friendship.

Excitement bubbled within us as we arrived at the park, eager to conquer every thrilling ride. We started with the roller coasters, screaming and laughing as we zoomed through loops and twists. Our joy was infectious, and the day seemed perfect.

As we wandered through the park, we stumbled upon the Ferris wheel—a ride I had always found a bit intimidating. Sam, however, was determined to conquer it. Despite my hesitations, I agreed to join him in the colorful, swaying capsule.

Midway through the ride, my fear kicked in, and I began to feel queasy. I tried to hide it, but my discomfort was evident. Alex, being the perceptive friend he was, noticed my unease. Instead of dismissing it, he suggested we get off the ride and find something else we both could enjoy.

In that moment, I learned a crucial lesson about true friendship: understanding and compassion. Sam didn't mock my fear or push me to continue; instead, he prioritised my comfort over his own desires. It made me realize that a genuine friend is someone who cares about your well-being and is willing to adjust plans to accommodate each other.

Sam’s kindness and consideration made me appreciate the value of a friend who truly understands and supports you. It taught me that friendship is not just about shared adventures but also about being there for each other through challenges, big or small.

From that day forward, our friendship deepened, and I carried the lesson with me into 8th grade and beyond. I became more attuned to the feelings of others and made an effort to be a supportive friend just like Sam was to me.

Pro Tips

  • Ensure to keep excitement going as you write the narrative essay.
  • Choose characters and anecdotes with respect to the question.
  • It is not a story but a reflection of the incident/happening.
  • Write it in the right order of events and highlight the key points.

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