Exercise 7 Formal Letter Writing


Write a letter to the MLA of your area complaining about the dumping of waste on a road close to your home. Mention the problem and request that the rubbish be cleared immediately.


Adam Paul,
ABC House,
RD Street, Chennai - 678098

20th February, 2024

The MLA,
MLA Office RD Road,

Subject:Illegal Dumping of Waste in Our Community

Dear Sir,

I am writing to bring to your attention a pressing issue that has been plaguing our neighborhood recently. Near my residence, on RD Street, there has been a consistent and alarming trend of illegal dumping of waste.

The dumped waste is attracting pests and rodents, emitting foul odors, and is creating a breeding ground for diseases. Due to the increase in the waste on the road there has been a significant rise in the number of stray dogs. This is alarming and scary to the children who play on the road. The waste accumulation is causing an increase in mosquitoes which is in fact affecting our health. We have also noticed a decrease in the quality of our groundwater.Furthermore, it undermines the efforts of residents who strive to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in our community.

It is imperative that the authorities intervene to clear the waste promptly and implement measures to prevent such dumping from recurring. Additionally, I request increased monitoring and enforcement to hold accountable those responsible for this unlawful act. I trust in your commitment to serving our constituency, and I eagerly await your swift action in resolving this matter.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent issue.

Alex Paul

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