Formal and Informal Letter Writing for ICSE Students

Practice letter writing, both formal and informal, with specially curated exercises from Aneetta Class. The practice questions are based on the ICSE exam pattern.

Exercise 1 - Letter writing 1

Write a letter to the principal of your school requesting him/her to arrange special coaching for football during the summer vacation.

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Exercise 2 - Letter writing 2

Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper expressing your concern about environmental pollution and express your willingness to do something about the same.

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Exercise 3 - Letter writing 3

Write a job application letter to the T&N Travels for the role of Accounts Manager.

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Exercise 4 - Notice Writing 1

You are the school captain of your ICSE school. Write a notice to inform the students about the upcoming school sports day and invite them to participate in various events.

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Exercise 5 - Notice Writing 2

An Inter School Debate Competition, happening next week at your Mary Poppins School. You are the President of the Debate Club. Write a notice to inform your fellow schoolmates.

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Exercise 6 - Notice Writing 3

You are the Principal of Maplewood High School. Write a notice informing students about the upcoming inter school cultural fest.

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Exercise 7 - Formal Letter Writing

Write a letter to the MLA of your area complaining about the dumping of waste on a road close to your home. Mention the problem and request that the rubbish be cleared immediately.

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Exercise 8 - Short Story Writing

Write an original short story entitled ‘The Secret’

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