Exercise 8 Short Story Writing


Write an original short story entitled ‘The Secret’


Laura's Lesson in Honesty

What would you do if you found some money on the road which does not belong to you? Would you use it for your personal benefit or donate it to someone?

Laura was a five year old girl walking with her mother when she spotted a thousand rupee note lying on the road. Her mother was busy walking ahead and didn’t realise that her daughter had found some money. Laura decided to put the money in her pocket and spend it for herself. She did not inform her mother about her secret.

When Laura came home, she told her mother that she wanted a new dress for her friend’s birthday. Laura’s mother told her that she already has many dresses and a new one could wait. However Laura was adamant. That afternoon, Laura’s new maid came home and started cleaning the house. She spotted the money which Laura had found and decided to keep it for herself. Laura on the other hand thought that the money was well hidden. That night when Laura went to retrieve the money she found it missing. She didn’t know what to do. Her mother was busy in the kitchen and her father was doing some work.

Laura posed a question to her father, “Daddy what would you do if you found some money on the road while walking?” Laura’s father said that when one finds any money which does not belong to them, they should ask others if it belongs to them. Otherwise, they should donate it to charity. Laura immediately realised her mistake. She told her mother and father all about the thousand rupee note she had found while walking and how she had kept it a secret. She also told them how she had hidden it in her room and it was now missing.

Laura’s parents realised the gravity of the situation and took matters into their own hands. Laura’s mother told her husband how it was only the maid who had gone to Laura’s room and nobody else. The next day Laura’s parents confronted the maid and she confessed to having stolen the money.

Laura was relieved. She hoped her parents would not be angry or scold her. Laura’s parents also were happy that the dishonest maid had been caught the very first time thus preventing such incidents in the future. Henceforth, Laura was an honest and good child who had learnt a valuable lesson.

Pro Tips
  • Find your inspiration by coming up with an idea first.
  • Write a rough skeleton of the plot line before beginning to write the complete story.

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