Chapter 8 The First Pup

The short story titled The First Pup narrates the experience and funny incidents that occur as the family raises a pup inside the home. All you need to know and learn about this chapter is given below.

Meet the Author

  • Ranjith Lal is an Indian author and journalist. He has published over 45 books and was awarded the Zeiss Wildlife Lifetime Conservation Award for 2019 for writing 'with exceptional literary skills' on the conservation of wildlife, especially birds.
  • Born: 13 August 1955
  • Place of Birth: Kolkata, India.
  • Best known for: He is known for expressing wit and satire in his works. This can be seen in the lesson too.
Cute puppy
Cute puppy

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Summary of the Chapter

This chapter written by Ranjit Lal deals with the upbringing of a pup. The upbringing of a pub is not a simple job. It requires a lot of attention, care and love.

The narrator and his sisters Meena and Mala got a pup. They named it Bambi. The narrator describes that their entire life and routine changed and started to revolve around this pup. He even compares this shift to those that are when a newborn baby arrives in the house.

He admits that they made all the upbringing mistakes by pampering Bambi. Bambi thus reaped all the benefits from their extra care and love showered on her. The narrator goes on to describe the unquenchable desire of pups to always chew on something. Therefore, they have to watch out to ensure that Bambi did not end up putting her face into electric circuits or going ahead to chew on live wires.

On one occasion she went ahead to chew on a 'large chunk of her own collar'. The narrator is grateful that they did not have cell phones during those times or else the pup would have definitely chewed on to those. Due to Bambi's behavior she was known as the 'chewing mania'.

Later they figured out that a packet of butter was missing from the fridge. Soon bits of its wrapping papers we found from the floor licked clean. They confirm that the culprit for this stolen butter was Bambi.

Oh my god Bambi gone and eaten a whole packet of butter! Half a kilo of it! She is going to be ill!

As rightly understood Bambi was extremely thirsty and unhappy and puky for the next 2 days. They felt sorry looking at her condition. Whatever said and done Bambi did not improve her character moreover she went ahead to do more mischief. She went ahead and put her face into the wok filled with the leftover cooking oil.She repeated the same with the waste paper basket.

As days went by Bambi found new ways to indulge in some more naughty behavior. One afternoon the narrator's sister, Meena's mother-in-law-to-be came to visit. As usual, the narrator's mother had gone elaborate with the preparations to meet her for tea.

She had prepared the egg and cucumber sandwich, cake and a bowl of rasmalai. Everything was loaded and set up in white lace and the tea trolley was ready in the dining room. Narrator's mother went to the dining room to make sure everything was perfect. Alas, she was met with a horrific scene. She could hear slurping and slobbering noises from underneath the table cloth.

Bambi? Bambi! Bad dog! Naughty girl! Get your face out of there! At once! Ranjit, Mala get your wretched dog out of here!

Bambi had toppled the table and had eaten the rasmalai out of the bowl. She was covered with the white rasmalai as she came out.The narrator Ranjit and his sisters were horrified at the mess she had created. Thankfully Bambi did not make her way onto the cake or sandwiches.

Narrative agreed and realised that they had spoiled Bambi by feeding her at the dining table. Since she was their first dog they could not resist her bleeding eyes and encouraged her from feeding under the table. But now they have learnt their lesson.

Even after all this chaos she went ahead top drooling over in front of the guests. She put her dribbling chin on the poor guests' lap and looked sorrowfully. She put a large chunk of drool on the guests' clothes. She pretended to be starving and behaved as if she was hungry for attention an food.

The golden rule the narrator and family learned from Bambi was to never feed the dogs at the table ever!

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The First Pup Questions and Answers

Below are a few questions that you can look out for your examinations and class tests. Stand out with perfectly written answers with help of Aneetta Class.

The narrator learned that they should never feed the dog at the dining table. He learned this golden rule from the mischievous behavior of his pup Bambi.

Bambi fell ill after eating half a kilo of butter. She was puking, thirsty and unhappy.

Yes, they were fond of Bambi. They took good care of her and made sure that she did not end up in any trouble. Even after her mischievous behavior they never punished her.